Top Professional Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

In this period of an advanced mobile generation, Social media has become such a large a part of everyday life, mostly free platforms. Not only is social media exceptionally useful at increasing brand awareness and credibility, but it could also be used to generate valuable leads. Effective lead generation lives someplace between marketing and sales. Regularly the use of social media profiles and also providing a large number of research facts to those platforms that can be awesome for social media entrepreneurs to generate more leads.

  • Do you want to get more business through social media?
  • Are you seeking out new methods to generate leads?
  • As entrepreneurs and business owners, you’re constantly searching out potential customers?

This article will go over the exclusive methods you can convert your social media followers into leads for your enterprise.

Having a hard time getting measurable results out of your social media marketing?

Getting more fans, followers and engagement are important — but in case you aren’t putting any focus on lead generation, you are likely no longer getting the type of social media ROI, you have been waiting for out of your efforts.
It should be stated that having a social media presence does not automatically assure a successful lead generation strategy. It is unwise to anticipate that potential customers will magically come to your offerings without a proper plan for engagement and outreach.

Don’t worry!

There are plenty of incredible methods and strategies that can be utilized by your brand to increase your potential for lead generation through social media channels.
How are businesses generating valuable leads on social media, and how are you going to do the equal? Here are some essential considerations.

1: Create a Landing-Page

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands”. Look at your social media profiles as landing pages for potential leads. They not only need to give off a strong first effect, but they should also give them somewhere to go next.

The basic template seems like this.

Source: Neil Patel

When filling out the bio section of a social media profile, you’ve got two options for linking to a contact form:
1. Link to a “contact us” web page where the user can input their statistics.
2. Link to a landing page that has been optimized to gather leads.
This is just a starting point for creating your landing page, however, it’s also an excellent starting point for marketing in general.

·       Complete Your Profile – Social Platforms

The most important step is fully filling out all of the profile areas, especially the contact information and location sections. Some platforms, along with Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, LinkedIn and others have powerful search capabilities that can funnel users to your profile based on locational proximity and even places their friends have checked out. Linked your social profiles with your landing page and your landing page is also connected with your Social platforms Profiles.

Here are tips for generating leads on specific social media sites.

When looking at your social media lead-generation strategy, you need to first look at each social media platform and make sure to use the right one for your target audience. Then employ the strategies important to make the most of it.

Generate Leads Optimized by Platforms

#1:  Facebook Resources

Facebook is a double-edged sword. With constantly changing algorithms, it’s increasingly difficult to get organic traffic and the resulting leads through your Facebook page. However, Facebook advertisements and other methods can make a huge difference. Believe or not, Facebook ads aren’t only less-expensive but are also great to send people without delay on your business website or landing pages. Facebook ads offer lots of alternatives in which you could get more clicks on the website, send ideal clients to a specific contact form or promote ‘send us message’ button to get direct messages on Facebook messenger.

#2: Twitter Resources

With 330 million monthly active users, sending around 500 million tweets daily and you can Still make sales on Twitter, too. According to Twitter’s own statistics:

•  66% of people have discovered a brand new business on Twitter.
•  94% are making plans to buy something from the businesses they follow on Twitter.
•  69% of people have bought something because of a tweet.
Those stats add up to the amazing potential of Twitter to help you discover leads in your business.
Like Facebook, Twitter has the promoted option, so your message doesn’t get stuck within the abyss. You still need to appropriately focus and message your tweets.

#3: LinkedIn Resources

As far as social networks go, LinkedIn is in a category of its own – Facebook and Twitter have nothing on LinkedIn. In reality, according to Hubspot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. One of the advantages of LinkedIn is that your messages are much more likely to get visible by your network and your intended target audience. In the framework above, there are 3 key stages of the journey.

  • Awareness: In this stage, your goal is to stand out, get found, position yourself as an authority, and establish top-of-mind awareness.
  • Lead generation: Your goal is to engage with the right prospects, generate referrals, and book conversations at this stage.
  • Conversion: In this last stage, you’ll see the results of your efforts and the ROI of your activities. Here you can also fine tune and modify your approach to improve your results

#4: Instagram Resources

Instagram, lead generation advertisements is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the maximum bang for your buck. On Instagram, lead generation works differently. You aren’t going to trap users to download your e-book due to the fact they’re not on Instagram to read. They just want to keep scrolling through their feed.
Instead, Instagram lead generation is all about creating intrigue and encouraging customers to take the plunge from your Instagram ad to a sign-up form, an app download, or your internet site. Even though it may seem daunting, every business can do it.

Instagram commercials aren’t difficult to make, and it takes a little time to set up an Instagram marketing campaign as it does to make a Facebook one. Instagram still sees better engagement and higher conversion than Facebook or Twitter and, as we’ve just shown, it’s as smooth to make an Instagram campaign as a Facebook one — maybe even less complicated.

#5: Pinterest Resources

Pinterest is truly a fairly simple social media network as far as lead generation goes, due to the fact there are really only two approaches to generate leads right now. Direct and indirect, right here’s the difference between the two:

  • Direct Leads: Direct leads are generated through content on Pinterest that links directly back to a landing page on your website. On that landing page, visitors can share their personal information (a name, e-mail address, phone number, and many others.) in exchange for an offer — whether that be an e-book, coupon, infographic, or some other piece of content material.
  • Indirect Leads: indirect leads are generated by the use of Pinterest on the path to conversion — however it is not the final destination before someone gets to a landing page. For example, if you shared a blog post that had a call-to-action to a landing page at the bottom of the post, your initial pin is supporting direct visitors to that landing page.

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest really only has one effective region where you could generate direct or indirect leads: through pins.

Generate Leads with Social Media Posts

Use Hashtags

Users love reading and coming up with new, innovative hashtags even if there’s no way they existed earlier than. Hashtags also function a powerful method that will help you connect with your target audience. Location-based and industry-specific hashtags are great for reaching a larger local target audience as well as users which might be possibly already interested in the topic you’re posting about. this can substantially increase your chances of being observed by way of relevant and qualified leads, which is why it’s of the utmost importance to ensure your profile is set up to impress.

Hosting Webinars

Social media makes it extremely easy to promote webinars to targeted users. Webinar-style video conferencing via social media along with your potential leads – is one of the strongest ways of interacting one-on-one with audiences interested in your service or product. This form of social media advertising and marketing is the most personal approach to reaching consumers. Discover a topic on the way to appeal for your specific segment of the industry, after which plan a webinar on that genuine subject matter.

Webinars are very low-cost methods to get your business’ message to a broad target audience and effectively attracts plenty of leads. Utilizing Facebook live, Snapchat, and Instagram live is perfect, free methods to attack the ‘one-to-many’ approach for lead generation.

Run contests

Running contests, announcing the winners of those contests as well as the prizes won, works exceedingly well to push your audience’s attention in the direction of your brand.
Not only does social media help businesses bond with their audiences that own the marketplace, but contests can help speed up a brand’s ability to build relationships.

 The prize up for grabs has to fulfil two important criteria. First, it must be valuable enough that people will actually be interested in getting into the competition. But second, it must be valuable especially to the people who have the highest potential to become your customers, and not much value to anyone else.

If the prize isn’t valuable sufficient, nobody will enter your contest. But if it’s so generically valuable that everyone who sees the competition will need to go into, you’ll gather loads of contact information but no qualified leads.
There are a couple of different ways to allow people to enter a contest for lead generation through social media:

  • Enter by retweeting/sharing/liking/following: These are the easiest contests for people to go into, so you’ll likely get a massive number of entrants. But due to the fact that entrants only share the information that’s already publicly available on their social media profiles, this isn’t a great option for lead generation.
  • Click through to a landing page: since this involves a further step, you’ll get fewer entrants than for a contest that simply requires retweeting or liking. But, you can gather data through a contest entry form—that will turn your contest entrants into qualified leads.

Generate Leads with Social Media Advertising

All the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) have strong paid advertising programs that easily allow you to promote products, services, events, and even free giveaways like an eBook.
Social platform advertising is one of the most reliable bets for advanced advertising strategies. It not only gathers leads but immediately puts them in a situation where they can convert into paying customers.

Beyond simple targeting, social media advertising has evolved to include specific social media lead generation tools: ad formats specially designed to help marketers collect leads directly within social networks.

Social media advertising and marketing comes down to the ability to create extremely customized and targeted ad campaigns. You may filter with multiple demographics, location, or even interests or behaviours. A combination of strategic placement and this custom designed reach makes social media advertising and marketing a great lead generating option.

Facebook lead ads

Facebook advertisements are one of the largest and consequently the strongest method to quick access to specific demographics of people. This specialized ad format offers a low-commitment, low-barrier way for potential clients to connect with your business without leaving Facebook. One outstanding advantage of Facebook lead ads over a regular gated content material offer is that Facebook automatically populates the lead form with the user’s contact data, so it could take as few as clicks or taps for a potential customer to connect.

Instagram lead ads

Now that Instagram advertisements are available via the Facebook advertisements manager for most advertisers, sincerely deliver them an attempt. This will allow you to reach your best audience with an Instagram post that comes complete with a clickable call to action button.

LinkedIn lead gen Form

LinkedIn is a superb place to start for those businesses that are not yet comfortable generating leads on social. It not only connects you directly to other business leaders, but it is also proven to be enormously powerful. This platform offers several great tools for businesses. LinkedIn Lead Gen forms help prospective customers reach out to you without even having to visit your website.

LinkedIn Lead Gen forms simply released in April, but they are already seeing good outcomes. According to LinkedIn itself, 90% of the 50 businesses in the pilot project exceeded their price-consistent with-lead goals.

Pin lead ads

One of the nice things about Promoted Pins is that they’re difficult to spot out in the wild. They look very local with only a ‘Promoted through’ above the advertiser’s name. With Pinterest, you have 2 campaign options. Sending site visitors for your website will ensure you most effective get charged for clicks on your contact form or squeeze web page rather than different engagement on Pinterest.

Generate Leads with Social Media Engagement

Special Offers

people always love something useful in a trade for nothing and web hosting a gamble or offering freebies could be a high-quality alternative as a way to get increasingly more people engaged with your business or brand. People love to share such campaigns and special offers inside their social circles that assist you to reach extra people without spending huge efforts. By adding entry forms in such posts, you will have a golden chance to get more user statistics for your sales crew to convert social media users into clients. always be sure to assist fascinated users in sharing your offers on special social media platforms and also interacting with each and every user to construct trust in addition to strengthen relationships with present and potential customers.

Sharing Gated Content

Gated content requires users to fill out information earlier than getting access to it. Sharing hyperlinks to content that is gated is a top-notch tool for increasing lead generation via social media. This gated content works to boost the interests of your audience to realize their worth and then use them as potential customers.

Conduct Polls & Surveys

As experiential advertising and marketing are becoming more and more popular, customers are leaning toward brands that they are able to engage with. One excellent manner to do that is by way of engaging in polls & surveys that allow customers to give their input and experience involved.

By getting a live pulse of your audience, you’ll be able to better cater to their needs and create lead generating content material. Request an e-mail address to see the survey results once it’s completed to keep them engaged.


Remember to build trust and credibility with your target market first — and treasure the ones critical relationships. Never take your social media contacts for granted!
Hopefully, the ideas in this post will help you start getting a consistent flow of leads, regardless of which social network you decide upon.


  • What do you observe?
  • Which social media platform works satisfactorily for you for generating leads?
  • What recommendations do you have for others who want to generate leads on social media?
    Please share your suggestions in the comments.