The 5 Best Real Relax Massage Recliner to buy in 2022

Real Relax Massage Recliner - PointofTech

Massage recliners are more praised and valuable products. Because these recliners have several good impacts on your health. That’s the reason a Chinese brand real relax has introduced their Massage recliners. They are emerging with new ideas and technology.

Real relax massage recliners are unique, affordable and advanced. You can find numerous functions in one recliner. The best thing about their massage recliners is they can easily adjust to anybody typed person. So you can easily get into this comfortable, affordable and reliable recliner for having numerous types, kinds and techniques of massage at home. Below you can find the best Amazon rated and reviewed massage recliners of real relax that may surely have a one at your place.

1- Real relax 2019 premium SL track 3D deep zero gravity massage recliner chair

This time real relax has introduced their best and upgraded SL track 3D series, this model which space saver and built on zero gravity wall technology. This is magnificent recliner is multifunctional. So we are gonna uncover them one by one. This is not an ordinary chair it does massage uniformly and gives support to your whole body in reducing fatigue and arthritis pain to recover from joints and muscle problems.

You might be confused about what’s new in it? So it is auto adjustable. It has some sensors that can detect your body types like a body scan that scans your body and the robot rollers will extend according to it. Likewise when you sit in this S-shaped smart recliner spontaneously footrest extent up to your height.

It won’t let your shoulder and neck pain so for this they have different modes to switch for acquiring the best position and relaxing your shoulder and neck effectively.

As you know this recliner can accommodate in small space easily and there are 3D robot hand rollers that go from neck to thighs to make you feel comfortable. And you can enjoy different intensity levels of massage.


  • Changing led lights
  • Space friendly
  • Auto adjustable
  • 3-year warranty
  • Best for persons having 5.2 to 6.5 ft height
  • FDA registered
  • 3D robot hand rolling and heat massage
  • 430 weight capacity


  • Only sit when you have to take a massage

Real Relax Massage Recliner - PointofTech

2- Real relax massage chair zero gravity shiatsu favour 03 plus black

Real relax has launched their best massage recliners with several options along with massage and what makes them more valuable is their power options that may facilitate you to have a wonderful experience.

So let’s get straight into the favour 3 plus specifications. Its smart and elegant design makes you fond of it. As its name suggests it’s best for massage so let’s see what it offers, there are eight rollers placed in the back and neck part for massage. And for your safety concerns, 50 airbags are placed in the lower back, arms, hips part.

You can use a remote to set the airbag massage and rollers up to 3 levels that may give you a soothing massage and more you can adjust the back to have your best relaxing position. It is the most affordable one with different functions as you may have a Bluetooth audio option and led lights makes it more prominent.


  • 50 Airbags for relieving massage
  • Zero gravity weightless design
  • Weight capacity is 400 lbs
  • Best fits to 5.5- 6.1 foot person
  • 2 wheels to enhance mobility


  • Warranty makes trouble

Real Relax Massage Recliner - PointofTech

3- Real relax massage chair with full body massage  shiatsu recliner PS6000, black

Real relax always wondered to make your home the best place for relaxation. Because no place is better than your home we are attached to our homes we furnished them and decorate in a manner that gives you peace and comfort. So this time real relaxation comes with an SL PS6000 massage recliner to provide you massage at home.

Here you find the right facts about this recliner. Then start with its one-touch zero gravity design that may give you ultimate comfort with one-touch that your body gets lots of health benefits like lymphatic and blood circulation improves, your posture may better, boost immune response, relief in pain and relax your muscles.

This recliner is not only the solution to your health problems it also facilities you that you can have a massage while you are working. This is supported by the USB port for charging the devices and you can have a meeting or listen to the songs via the  Bluetooth speaker that is installed in this recliner thus this multi-tasking recliner is best to be at home.


  • Full body scan system for auto adjustment
  • Airbags for pressure with 5 adjustability options
  • SL track hand massage robot with 12 different massage techniques
  • Rollers and airbags at the footrest
  • Controlling panel at armrest with USB charging support
  • 1 to 6.5 feet tall persons can easily fit into
  • It can carry 400 lbs of weight
  • Heat function at the waist

Real Relax Massage Recliner - PointofTech

4-  I-Rest 2022 massage chair with yoga stretching

I-rest 2022 massage chair is the most versatile and more developed recliner of this year. This massage recliner gives you 5 kinds of variability in massage techniques which include tapping, finger pressing, simple kneading, tapping and kneading and all these motion at the same time. You can have this variable massage according to your preferences.

It not only gives you options in massage movement but also in its functions like comfortable, relaxing, traction, waist and back massage, neck and shoulder massage, vertebral protection massage, whole-body massage, healing, muscle stretching, fatigue recovery, soothing sleep massage that you can not think to have in one recliner.

Now talk about options in the handrail. First, you can have an on and off button on the right arm then you can adjust and pause angles, zero gravity, foot lifting massage, heating and air pressure controlling keys so you can control your recliner as you want. The most advanced and enticing thing that you won’t find in other recliners is its Al voice control system. You may have voiced a awaken option in the handrail press it or just says hi, Alice and enjoy the massage without any effort or move a single finger and for turning it off just press the button for 3 seconds.


  • 4 bright rating
  • 12 Kinds of massage functions
  • Voice control mechanism
  • Bluetooth speaker with USB slot
  • 5 kinds of massage techniques
  • Super comfortable and pain-relieving
  • Yoga stretching benefit
  • For heat massage, carbon fibre is used to infra heat


  • Weight capacity is quite enough up to 330 lbs

Real Relax Massage Recliner - PointofTech

5- Real relax S track auto body detection rocking massage chair  SS02 

This one recliner of real relaxes SS02 belongs to the S track series which has specifically s shape. It does not take a large area to accommodate. When we talk about its features then it has similar features like other real relax massage recliners possess. But we only focus on what it has different and unique in it.

So first let me tell you it comes with a handy remote. That may you to control its functions. Now come to what kind of functions it has as a massage recliner? So it has a rocking function along with yoga stretch mode that allows you to rock, recline and massage at the same time. This makes your body improve circulation of oxygen and other nutrients so that your body keeps healthy and your muscles get some relaxation.


  • Assembling is easy
  • Weight capacity is 400 lbs
  • The body would be scanned and automatically adjusts according to your body shape
  • Best fits up to 6.1 feet
  • Remote control
  • Robot hand massage to the full body

Real Relax Massage Recliner - PointofTech


You have seen different massage recliners from real relax which is surely a trusted brand. we have chosen the best rated and worthy recliners to facilitate you have a good time at home. As for my preference, I would prefer I-Rest relax S track massage recliner which has minimal weight capacity but it offers you tons of useful features. So far if you are a little bulkier then you should consider the real relax 2019 SL track premium which has the highest weight capacity. Hope you will find your best massage recliner listed above.


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