Eyelashes Guide: How Long Do Strip Lashes Last

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What makes artificial eyelashes last longer?

You can enhance the beauty of your eye by wearing fake eyelashes. But many questions will surprise you when you wear these artificial eyelashes. But how long do these lovely lashes last?

These eyelashes last forever to help increase one’s beauty. There are many different eyelashes, but the most convenient and affordable lashes are strip eyelashes. These strip eyelashes are lashes attached to an artificial fabric band in a single line that gets stuck to the lash line. The ease of putting them and pulling them off makes them your perfect choice.

Eyelashes long lasting - PointofTech


How long do artificial lashes last?

Are you looking for some tips that can help your lashes last longer? Well, you are actually at the right place to find your answer. Many reasons can help your artificial lashes to stay longer on your eyes. The best option is to keep your lashes lasting long, keep them free from dust, and not use an eyelash curler. The strip lashes get stuck to regular lashes with glue. This glue is gently made and has shown no side effects on the skin. Don’t use these strip lashes directly on any oil-based products.

There are many advantages of using strip lashes. They have become one of the most easy-to-use and approachable lashes for beginners and experts. In this post, you will see how to make your fake eyelashes last forever and when you should discord them off.

Why use strip lashes?

Before answering how long these strip lashes last, let’s first look at the significant benefits of using these lashes.

Eyelashes long lasting - PointofTech

  • Budget-friendly

Because the lashes come in different designs and styles, you can use them for different eye shapes. The reusable feature makes it the best to buy and economical in your pocket.

  • Easy to use

Strip lashes are effortless to handle. You can remove them conveniently. After attending an event or meeting, you can easily pull them off without damaging your natural lashes.

How long do strip lashes last?

There are many factors that you have to keep in your mind if you want your lashes to have a longer life. It depends on how frequently you clean them, the type of material used, makeup habits, and storage place. Commonly used synthetic lashes last for 4-5 uses, while mink lashes have durability of around  20 services. You can easily use them at your home without the need of any professional. The lashes last for a few days because they get torn when worn multiple times. Comparing them with the strip lashes,  they stay 5 to 25 times. These strip lashes are much better than the extension lashes, which last for less time and damage regular lashes.

Eyelashes long lasting - PointofTech

How to clean and reuse artificial eyelashes?

The longevity of eyelashes depends on the way you care about them. Keeping your fake eyelashes clean is paramount. It ensures that you won’t get an eye reaction and increases your lashes’ life. The strip lashes are manufactured from good quality material, and you must maintain and look after them. After removing the eyelashes, clean them with a paper towel to remove any adhesive material attached to the lashes. Then wash them with plenty of warm or micellar water. Place them on a clean paper towel until they get dried. Now keep them back in the packaging they came in. it will keep the lashes free from bacteria, maintain their shape, and be easy to use again.

Eyelashes long lasting - PointofTech

Why should you void wearing strip lashes?

Although these strip lashes can make you look more beautiful, some significant drawbacks are associated with them.

  • Health issues

Wearing eyelashes on regular occasions can pose health risks. Certain chemicals in the adhesive material of eyelashes are known to cause cancer. Apart from this, their everyday use may also cause skin allergies.

  • Strip lashes are much heavier

Wearing fake eyelashes adds extra weight to the eyes. It causes your eyes to get tired and your eyelids to become more lethargy. Sometimes these eyelashes can also ripe off the natural lash and result in the permanent death of the follicle.

  • Blocking the eye’s natural defense mechanism

These fake eyelashes can also block the hair follicles and oil glands, which traps germs and bacteria. It can cause allergies and infection in your eyes.

Strip eyelashes vs lash extensions

We always remain confused about whether we should remove our eyelashes with permanent eyelashes or should go and buy some in-store lash extensions. Well, you can find the answer to this question right here.


Strip lashes

Strip lashes help you look more attractive with their nice-looking texture and artificial band. But there are several cons of strip lashes.

  • Removal of the natural lashes

The foremost disadvantage of strip lashes is that they cause the removal of natural eyelashes. Strip lashes having a ton of glue to attach to the natural eyelashes may also rip off the natural lashes and can be really painful for your eyes.

  • Cause of eye infection

If you don’t take proper hygienic measures to keep your eyelashes clean, you may face some eye infections. This is because many bacteria and other pathogens get attached to the glue or the lashes that directly attack your eye and causes acute or chronic illnesses.

Lash extensions

The lash extensions are not like artificial eyelashes, but they are individual eyelashes. Meaning that the technician will attach one eyelash to the natural lash. So you don’t have to feel the pain of removing the eyelashes every time you put them back. 

Why choose lash extensions?

There are several benefits that one must look at before buying artificial eyelashes. The advantages of the lash extensions that make them superior to the strip lashes are described below.

  • Lash extensions are more time

Removing the strip lashes at night, putting the glue on them, and waiting for them to dry requires a lot of time. But what if you have a customized lash that you don’t have to worry about removal. This is going to really save a tremendous amount of time for you. Let me tell you that there is no fidgeting involved like the strip lashes.

  • Lash extensions look natural

We all know that the strip lashes are have an artificial look that can be observed by someone that looks at their thick band appearance. However, you don’t have to worry about it while using the lash extensions. There are many designs and styles available in the lash extension that gives us exactly what we want.

Significant takeaways from wearing fake eyelashes

If you want to add something new to your makeup look, you must need the eyelashes that best fit you. Different eyelashes last for other times, and there are multiple options available in the market that differ significantly from one another. 
Take your time while choosing the eyelashes that suit your face, and carefully look out at the pros and cons of them before making your final decision.


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