The 5 Best Heavy Duty Recliner 500 lbs To Buy In 2022

Heavy Duty Recliner 500lbs l PointOfTech

Are you tall to 5.5 to 6.2 feet? Or heavy over 300 lbs or more? And possibly you are exhausted, after a hard day in the office, might be your feet are nabbed and you just want to smash on a comfortable couch in your lounge. Then you must consider a heavy-duty recliner that provides you comfort and gives your living room a decent aesthetic glimpse which is responsible for a cosy and resting environment.

I know, you might think that recliners are ordinary and terrible and do not last for sufficient time. And sometimes quality did not justify the worth. So today I am going to clear out all your concerns because we are sharing our analyses and exploration about heavy duty recliners 500 lbs. Surely that will turn out your bad experiences into good ones.

Now you are thinking that what’s different in it? These are specifically designed to give the best lounging and relaxing experience to tall and heavy people because usually in the market you can find a single seat recliner that can uphold weight from 250-300 which is enough capacity for smarties. But what about big and heavy ones? So it is difficult to get at the singles seat recliner up to 500 pounds weight capacity.

Heavy-duty recliners are mainly the target of tall and big people who are genuinely interested in buying next level recliners best fit for them. We have inscribed the most valuable and best experienced heavy duty recliners 500 lbs for so must check them.

1- Lane stallion extra-large comfort king  wall-saver recliner

We have listed lane stallion, extra-large comfort king wall-saver recliner on the top because it is the most productive one and people genuinely love to have this. Yes, we are talking about the lane stallion recliner which is renowned as the comfort king. And this comfort king is the fairest for tall and heavy people.

This heavy-duty recliner can uphold people having 100- 200 kg weight easily because of the 500 lbs capacity. This seems to be extraordinary that provides comfort and having a relaxing time while resting on it. The length of this recliner is quite similar to king size mattress while it stretches fully.

The back is the horseshoe shape with auxiliary plush and the stitching lining that makes it more notable along with the kidney-shaped cushions makes it what you are looking for. The reclining mechanism is made of seven-gauge steel allows it to recline fully and smoothly.

The arms are fully padded and plush to provide extreme assistance to work, watching movies or spending relaxing time on it. More the rolled arms and the whole recliner is additional thick and stuffed that’s the reason behind this comfort king. The wall-saver calls attention to consumers to keep in a small area near the wall. But still, you can recline fully with comfort.


  • Extra Large with 79 inches height and 25 inches wider seat
  • The maximum weight potential is 230 kg
  • Extra thick and fully padded
  • Recline up to 145-Degree

Heavy Duty Recliner 500lbs l PointOfTech

2- Ashley Tul-en modern manual pull tab rocker recliner

Let’s make our living rooms more thoughtful and nurturing with this wonderful Ashley Tul-en modern manual pull tab rocker recliner. So this modern recliner has lots of distinct features for its buyer who mainly are big and tall. Let’s comprehend how it entertains its users.

The mocha brown colour of this recliner comes in a neutral tone which makes a delightful balance between simplicity and style. This heavy-duty recliner has much more, apart from 500 pounds weight holding capacity. The pull tab manual handling is simple and easy that lasts more than any other power or complex recliner.

There is considerable sitting space which is 39 inches vast. Thus it provides you with a comfortable environment to sit, lay and recline. The pillow topped arm with cushion foam that has high resilience makes it generous rather than making it foam collapse when someone sits.

Ashley’s this Tul-en recliner has a smooth reclining along with a convenient rocking gesture. Now you don’t need to sit in the same position, you can move right-left, back and forth and so on.


  • Ultimate sitting experience with 39 inches wide and 40 inches tall seat
  • Simple and easy assembling
  • High resilience foam wrapped in polyester
  • Gentle Rocking

Heavy Duty Recliner 500lbs l PointOfTech

3- Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior  3 Positions Heavy Duty  Big Lift Chair

Superior mega motion recliner is an amazing recliner that allows you to take a nap, relax, watch movies, work from home, read books and enjoy the whole time when you sit on this recliner. This capitalizes comfort and it may empower your personal space.

This recliner is based on a split-back mechanism to achieve extreme comfort and the chaise padded seat which gives you a haven experience on earth. The one-touch button makes this superior more profound.

This large scale recliner which is larger, deeper and wider procure more sitting space to relax big and tall people. The heavy-duty steel frame provides it stability and strengthens it to beyond its capacity.

The electric motor allows a smooth transition reclining mechanism. More it has three positions for reclining including fully recline, partially recline and closed partially recline to achieve your favorable posture.


  • 5 tall and 39.5 wider seat
  • Steel frame with one year warranty
  • 3 reclining positions with power lif mechanism
  • 2 sides pockets for keeping things like magazines, newspapers, remote and so on

Heavy Duty Recliner 500lbs l PointOfTech


4- Ashley mark-ridge traditional upholstered power lift adjustable recliner

Let’s investigate another recliner of Ashley mark-ridge traditional upholstered power lift adjustable recliner. So It has hit the ground with various types of options and features to make your life easy, contemporary and reliable by this recliner.

This recliner is traditional and heavy duty so you can say it is the complete package that has comfort, style and durability. If you are looking for a multifunctional recliner, then this is the perfect one because it has a transitional blend of polyester nylon and cotton fabric that looks stylish and traditional as well.

Now shows up its power feature that has a one-touch power button by remote which is linked with other adjustable options. when it’s about its reclining mechanism then it is a single motor lift recliner. The high back and footrest are modifiable according to your best relaxing position. In case of emergency, this power lift recliner has an alternative mechanism to keep it working. There are two nine volts batteries in the outage of power.


  • 30 inches wide and 36.25 inches tall seat
  • Power lift reclining mechanism
  • 2 sides pocket as console
  • 500 lbs weight capacity
  • 9-volt batteries for emergency


Do not have enough padded to give extreme comfort

Heavy Duty Recliner 500lbs l PointOfTech

5- Sunset trading Laux leather power recliner steel grey

Another heavy-duty recliner has different features to make your life easy and comfortable this is now possible with a sunset trading Laux leather power recliner that comes in a steel grey colour that looks stunning in your living room.

The leather used is generous when it touches your body that has a top grain texture. therefore, Laux leather has more durability than normal fabric and it is easy to clean

This recliner is a wall-saver which means you do not need to keep it in large spaces only it can place it in the neighborhood of wall or table and it would though it reclines. Now the wall-hugging reclining mechanism is supported by a heavy-duty steel rails system that makes it long-lasting.

 The high-density foam provides extreme consonance to your body curves. The rail webbing system is well coordinated with the cushion to keep the seat supportive while someone sits or stand it can maintain its form.

This power recliner would be controlled by the buttons with USB charging ports that are present at the right side of this recliner. You have multiple options including a headrest move to three inches to get the more back height to cradle your neck more support and comfort. This movable headrest is the best option for tall people to watch movies and tv without neck pain.


  • 40 inches height and 42 inches wider seat for better lounging experience
  • Adjustable and movable headrest
  • Wall saver and wall-hugging mechanism
  • Comfortable rounded pillows arms

Heavy Duty Recliner 500lbs l PointOfTech


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