Top 7 Big Man Recliner chairs to Buy in 2022

Recliner for Tall Man - PointofTech

Are you looking for a recliner that can accommodate a big and tall man?

Because the average-sized recliners are made to withstand weight capacity up to 200 lbs, which isn’t even close to big man. Not only weight capacity, but finding the right recliner for your weight and stature, which is supportive and luxurious, is also important. Ultimately, a recliner is built to provide a man the necessary comfort after a long and busy day. So, you should have the one that fulfills your basic needs and provides you the ultimate comfort. 

Firstly, as you start, it might be confusing for you to select the right recliner or the best oversized recliner. For that reason, we had to review so many different recliners to help you in choosing the right and most durable recliner of your size.

Note: These recliners are designed for the comfort of a 300 lbs, 400 lbs, and 500 lbs big man. (Some might even be big enough for a 600lbs man)

Pulaski Larson Theatre Black – Best Power Recliner for a Big And Tall Man

This power recliner from the Pulaski store deserved its place in our list. It’s a comfort offering recliner that can withstand a weight capacity of 400 lbs with a 6’5″ height. It comes with a swivel tray that allows you to work on your laptop while sitting on this chair. When not in use, the swivel tray can be attached to either of the arms. 

This recliner lets you lay it fully back, which makes it a great chair for sleeping. In addition, you can recline it to infinite positions with a push of a button. Likewise, you can sit upfront when you are watching action thrillers. It comes with some of the state-of-the-art technologies, such as the push-button storage that is very deep and ample for storing your things. Additionally, it has a USB port for charging your phone or laptop.

Why is this recliner the best choice?

  • Super responsive 
  • Stylish appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • High-tech features
  • Soft and durable leather

What may you not like?
It requires two electrical outlets

Recliner for Tall Man - PointofTech

Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver | 4501-190 model – Best Recliner Made in US

The furniture from Lane Home Furnishings is regarded as trusty and durable. This manual recliner makes no exception. It works very well with a weight capacity of 500 lb. The extra-tall seat ensures taller men face no inconvenience. If you are looking for something that is firm and supportive, this recliner deserves your consideration. It offers very good lumbar support and neck support that is great in providing you with the necessary back support. Apart from that, its leather is durable and works very fine for the long-term.

This recliner is wide enough to accommodate a big man and offer some extra room. You will receive this recliner in two pieces that are very easy to assemble. 

What are the main qualities of this recliner?

  • 100% polyester used
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Sturdy and supportive
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to assemble

What isn’t ideal about this recliner?
The reclining handle requires some effort to pull

Recliner for Tall Man - PointofTech


Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner – Best Big Man Electric Lift Recliner

This power lift recliner is highly affordable and seems great value for money. It’s made to withstand up to 330 lb weight capacity. It comes with some luxurious features, such as eight different massage points that are great for ensuring your utmost relaxation. Along With that, you will also have lumbar heating to ensure reduction in back pain. You will find a USB port for charging your phone or iPad. 

The pockets on the sides of this recliner allow you to put your items such as drinks and glasses. However, it also includes two separate cup holders. The users admire the upholstery used in this recliner that is highly durable and easy to clean. It has a good electric lift mechanism that allows smooth lifting. 

What would you love in this recliner?

  • Durable metal frame
  • UL certified actuator 
  • Good mechanism
  • Very comfortable
  • Study and supportive

What is missing in this recliner?
The massage isn’t very intense

Recliner for Tall Man - PointofTech

Signature Design by Ashley Ludden Power Rocker Recliner – Best Electric Recliner for a big man

This recliner from ever-reliable Ashley turned out to be worth reviewing. It’s available in three different colors and can accommodate a 330 lbs big man. When delivered, it would require some assembly that barely takes a few minutes. The recliner is designed for tall and big men, which makes it an exceptional choice for 6’2″ tall guys. The ultra-plush upholstery used in this recliner makes the seat very comfortable and durable.

It can be fully reclined, which is an ideal thing in a recliner for sleeping. It’s sturdy and has good back support to ensure you a good relaxation time. It has a contemporary design that is great in enhancing the beauty of your living room. 

What makes a recliner stand out?

  • Supportive and firm
  • Highly durable
  • Comfort providing
  • Excellent back support
  • Ultra-plush upholstery

What isn’t good about this recliner? 
The arms are located pretty low

Recliner for Tall Man - PointofTech

ANJ Electric Recliner Chair – Best big man indoor recliner 

ANJ manufactures this recliner that offers a weight capacity of 300 lbs. It has an admirable lumbar support to provide you with pain-relieving comfort. Its leather is soft, and it has an overstuffed pillow for your head, which is a very rare and indeed excellent feature in recliners. It’s a nice looking chair that would be a great fit in a living room. It offers very smooth and gentle movements that are helpful for the peace of mind. It’s a sturdy chair that offers plenty of extra room for a 300 lbs big man. You will find a USB charging port, on the right side of the chair, to charge your phone or iPad.

The footrest mechanism of this particular recliner is quiet and smooth, which ensures you a very convenient experience. 

What do we like about this recliner?

  • Excellent look
  • Good lumbar support
  • Quiet mechanism
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly affordable

What should be improved?
A few users complain that the seat is too hard

Recliner for Tall Man - PointofTech

Seatcraft Pantheon – Home Theater Seating – Best Recliner For 400 lb man

It’s yet another durable recliner with a weight capacity of 400 lbs. It’s a luxurious chair that is worth every penny of its price. It offers so many incredible features such as lighted cup holders and base that give an innovative feel. When you are watching television, the adjustable power headrest of this recliner allows you to adjust the viewing position based on your preferences. The seat is designed to support your lower back against the natural curvature, and it also reduces strain, which helps you sit for long hours without feeling any pressure on your body.

It has a range of features such as a USB charging port, extra large swivel tray, cell phone holder, and a reading light to assist you in your comfort space. The swivel tray is extra-large that allows you to place and use your laptop.

Why is this the top-rated recliner?

  • Powered lumbar support
  • Hidden arm storage
  • Top grain leather
  • Wider arm rests
  • Highly supportive 

What features should have been there?
This chair might not be a good choice for tall men with over 6’2″ height.

Recliner for Tall Man - PointofTech

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel – Best Power Lift Recliner

This recliner of Ashley is very easy to use and highly recommended for veterans and anyone with some mobility issues. This chair might be a good choice for a living room as it has a beautiful look. The weight capacity of this recliner is 300 lbs, but it works fine with a few more pounds. It’s highly recommended for tall and big men because of its construction. The Poly thick fiber used in this chair is soft and supportive, which makes it a very good choice for routine relaxation. The power movement of this recliner is gentle and quiet so that you avoid disturbance or unpleasant reclining noise. It almost reclines fully, which is a great feature for sleeping. It’s delivered in two separate pieces that are very easy to assemble. Though this chair is suitable for veterans, anyone can go for it because it offers serious value for your money.

What is the best in this recliner?

  • Smooth Upholstery
  • Highly-durable
  • Gentle power movement
  • Beautiful look
  • Easy to assemble

What are the cons of this chair?
The footrest doesn’t raise enough.

Recliner for Tall Man - PointofTech

Final Verdict

These recliners are the best recliners and have been selected upon meeting the selection criteria. That said, each recliner has its own vibes. Our personal pick is the Esright Power Lift Electric Recliner because it’s reliable, affordable, and offers great comfort. However, the Seatcraft Pantheon Home Theatre Seating is also a good choice for the money you pay for it. In case you’re gifting or buying one for elderly person or someone with mobility issues, the Signature Design By Ashley Yandel is absolutely the way to go. Moreover, you can choose your recliner according to your needs and preferences.


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