A good recliner fuels you after a long tiring day. Its overstuffed padding, prone position, and extra large sitting area provide an ideal environment for relaxation. But when you are a big man of 500 lb, you must have struggled to find things of your league. We know it’s always awkward to get into something that isn’t for you in the first place.

For this reason, we decided to help big men in choosing best oversized recliners from the limited available options. Though the market is dominated by average-sized recliners, there happen to be some incredibly good large-sized recliners. We have picked six best recliners for a big 500 lb man or woman. These are expert picks and are also very reliable products. These are the best oversized recliners in the market with picking criteria as comfort, price, and durability. We had to include user opinions as well. 

Here is how this list looks like:

1- Flash Furniture Plush Brown Leather Soft Rocker Recliner – Best Rocker Recliner for Big Man

This rocker recliner by Flash Furniture secured the top spot as the best oversized recliner. This recliner is designed for the comfort of a big man. The Leather Soft upholstery used in this recliner happens to be quite durable. This recliner has an elegant look, which is great for increasing the elegance of your home. The leather of this product is very soft and gives a good feel when you sit on it. It has a quality form in the padded seat to give your neck and back cozy support when you’re watching television or relaxing. Overall, this recliner is a super good choice.

Why is this recliner so good?

  • Modern look
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly durable
  • Extremely soft leather upholstery
  • Easy to clean

What might be a concern?

It lacks good lumbar support.

Recliner for Big Man - PointofTech

Christopher Knight Home Gannon Fabric Gliding Recliner – Best Big Man Recliner for Back Pain

This recliner from Christopher Knight Home is a promising one. We all know that recliners are used for different purposes. However, the most common one is relaxation. That’s where this recliner is so effective. The ultra-soft polyester upholstery of the recliner makes sure you get the utmost comfort during relaxation. This chair is big enough for a big and tall man or woman. Its glider is good at ensuring smooth and gentle movements. Another good thing about this recliner is that it offers so much convenience, like it has two cup holders on either side of the chair where you can put your remote or drink. It’s available in three different colors. It’s seriously a great choice for those who are looking for a recliner for comfort and relaxation.

Why is this recliner highly rated?

  • Pure polyester fabric
  • Gentle gliding movements
  • Adjustable footrest 
  • Available in variety of colors
  • Highly comfortable

What features are lacking in this recliner?

It’s not one of the biggest recliners.

Recliner for Big Man - PointofTech

Great Deal Furniture Merit Black – Best Manual Recliner

Great Deal furniture has manufactured this durable recliner. It provides enough area for a 500 lb man. It’s a very good option for your living room or media room for the reason that it features an elegant look. The fabric of this recliner is durable, which is very beneficial in the long run. Another good quality with this recliner is that it reclines to a prone position, which is great in providing you back pain relieving comfort. It can lay completely flat for sleeping. The users of this recline admire its back support which is very firm and highly supportive. It’s easy to carry through doorways as it can be split into two pieces. 

Why is it the best manual recliner?

  • Good for relaxation 
  • Neat and stylish design
  • Excellent reclination 
  • Good back support
  • High value for money

What could be improved?

PU leather is used in this recliner, which is not real leather. 

Recliner for Big Man - PointofTech

4- Signature Design by Ashley Clonmel – Best Big Man Recliner for Sleeping

This recliner of Ashley is one the biggest recliners in the market. This recliner has got a great impression for its extra softness. The seat of this recliner is extra wide – wide enough for a 600lb man– which is great for accommodating a superhuman. A microfiber upholstery of this recliner allows you to spend a good amount of time without getting any type of back pain. It’s very firm, supportive, and large which means it can handle your weight along with one or two kids. The pull tab reclining motion of this recliner allows you desired positioning which is great for your comfort. The manufacturer Ashley is a trusted brand for reliable and durable furniture. 

Why is this recliner regarded as the best oversized recliner?

  • Convenient wide seat
  • Extra soft material
  • Modern look
  • Assembled product
  • Firm and supportive

What is missing in this recliner?

The look is outdated

Recliner for Big Man - PointofTech

Signature Design by Ashley Coombs – Best big man power recliner

This is an excellent electric recliner by Ashley. This recliner has a center console that offers two cup holders and an extra storage to put your stuff which is great for your convenience. It doesn’t require batteries. It includes a USB port that allows it to get charged. So, when you unplug it, it will remain unaffected. The contemporary style of this recliner makes it a good choice for the living room or bedroom. Its Polyester upholstery is very soft and comfy which ensures utmost comfort. It’s very wide for an average-sized man, so make sure you’re indeed a big man. When considering all the features, this recliner of Ashley seems great value for money. 

Why should you consider this one?

  • Contemporary look
  • On-touch power control
  • Extra large
  • Supportive cushions
  • Highly affordable

What this recliner doesn’t have?

It’s not the most durable product.

Recliner for Big Man - PointofTech

6- Leather Power Recliner By Sunset Trading Luxe – Best Electric Recliner

Luxe power recliner is a product of a growing brand Sunset Trading. This recliner has so many useful features. It includes a headrest which provides three inches of back height for supporting your head and neck when you’re watching television. The leather of this recliner is hard to get scratched that makes it unharmed from kids or pets. The back of this recliner is removable which makes it easier to get it through doorways. The power headrest and footrest can be adjusted as per preferences. It can easily be reclined to a sleeping position. This recliner has so many qualities and is an absolutely good choice. 

Why to select this particular recliner?

  • Elegant design
  • Power headrest and footrest
  • Wall hugger
  • Soft cushions
  • USB charging port

What you may not love?

This recliner is heavy. That’s why a difficulty one to move.

Recliner for Big Man - PointofTech

Why choose big and tall recliners?

The normal or average sized recliners are made to withstand weight up to 250lb. But when you’re a big man of 500lb, you will find these recliners too small or delicate. The recliner makers were very smart to identify these problems. Now, there are so many oversized recliners in the market that can easily accommodate you. 

What is a power recliner?

The power recliner is little different from a manual recline. It reclines with a simple click to button. Power recliners are more convenient and luxurious. The following are some additional features with power or electric recliners. 

  • Power movement: The back reclines by itself with a simple push of a button. Similarly, the footrest comes out when you click a button. 
  • USB charging port: You will normally find a USB charging port with these recliners where you can plug in your phone or iPad. 
  • Headrest and footrest: You can adjust your lumbar position, headrest, and footrest with a click of a button. 

Some drawbacks of power recliners:

  • Weight factor: These recliners are heavier than the manual recliners because they have a motor inside. 
  • Price factor: These recliners are equipped with so many features, so they happen to be little pricey than the power recliners. 


You have read the review of the best large recliners. With that, our personal top pick is Flash Furniture Plush Brown Leather Soft. It’s a full package and also soft, durable, and modern. More importantly, it’s made for a big man. So, it is likely to withstand your weight any time. At the end of the day, a good recliner provides you convenience and comfort, and these recliners are so good at these standards.



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