Bathmate Before After so Bathmate Before After intense, that many of the crew suffered greatly. The air was biting in the extreme, and even the ropes of the ship on which the rain fell became covered with ice. This occurred not only Bathmate Before After at night, but during the day, when the sun was shining. As they sailed two degrees farther north, the seamen could scarcely keep themselves warm with the Bathmate Before After thickest clothing they could put on. They found it difficult also, even with double the number of men, to work the ropes and trim the sails. Th.e crew, not without reason, began to murmur, and declared that they should never be able to Bathmate Before After endure the cold. The Admiral, however, urged them to persevere. They were standing on Bathmate Before After when they found themselves close to a shore trending to the westward, and, compelled by a contrary wind, they put into a bay, where they brought up but the anchorage appearing very insecure, they sailed out again. The Admiral would have continued on his course again in search of a passage, but a northerly wind springing up, drove the Golden Hind once more to the southward. Though it was in Bathmate Before After the height of summer, the cold continued so bitter, that many would have taken to their beds ha

d they not been compelled to attend to best ejaculate volume pills the thunder rock male enhancement bad for prostrate working of the ship. During this time also the sky became so overcast with clouds Bathmate Before After and thick mists, that it was impos. sible to take an observation. At length they came Bathmate Before After to the conclusion that black ants male enhancement pills there was no passage at all along the north Bathmate Before After shore of America, or that it was hero male enhancement so blocked up with ice as to be impassable. They ran in and dropped anchor in a roadstead, since called the Bay of San Francisco. The following day the natives came down to the beach, and sent off a man in a canoe, who, as he approached, stood Bathmate Before After up and made a long speech, using a variety of gesticulations, moving his hands and turning Bathmate Before After his head about in all directions. His address concluded, he turned back and made for the shore. In a short time he came again, and behaved exactly in the same manner a third time he appeared, bringing with him as a Bathmate Before After present a bunch of feathers, much like those of a black crow, all neatly and cleverly put together, forming a sort of crown. such as was also enduros male enhancement supplement reviews worn by the principal persons in Bathmate Before After attendance on the chief. He also produced a small basket made of rushes, filled with a herb, which the natives called

Bathmate Before After

tabak , from which the French take the word tabac , and the English tobacco. Having Bathmate Before After tied this to a pole, he placed it in the boat alongside. Drake would at once have recompensed him with several articles, but the only thing he would receive was a hat, which was Bathmate Before After floated off to him. As the ship had sprung a leak and required to be put on shore, she was carried nearer, in order that her cargo might be landed, and that she might be repaired. In order to guard against any attack from the natives, the Admiral decided on throwing up a fort, in which, Bathmate Before After for security, their valuable cargo Bathmate Before After and stores might be placed, and which would serve as a protection to the.mselves. While the English were thus employed, the natives were seen coming Bathmate Before After over the brow of a hill, at the foot of which, close to the beach, the fort was being built. At first only a few warriors appeared, armed with bows and arrows, Bathmate Before After then more and more came. The seamen sprang to their arms Drake ordered them not to fire or to show any sign of alarm. The savages, it appeared, however, had no hostile intentions, for they approached Bathmate Before After in a humble fashion, as if they were inclined rather to reve

rence the white strangers than to attack them. Their numbers still further Bathmate Before After Bathmate Before After increased. It being intimated to them by signs that they must lay aside their bows and best over the counter pill for erectile dysfunction arrows, they willingly did as they were directed. The Bathmate Before After example of the first parties was followed by the rest. Drake, anxious to secure their tibet babao male enhancement pills best test booster for cutting good will by every possible. means, distributed among them various articles of clothing, of Bathmate Before After which they stood Bathmate Before After greatly in need. As the natives by their reverential gestures appeared to look upon their visitors as beings of a superior order, Drake, shocked at the thoughts Bathmate Before After of allowing himself or his men for a moment to be so worshipped, tried to make them understand that he and his companions required clothing as much as they did, as also food and water, for which purpose he and his companions ate and drank in their presence. Notwithstanding this, nothing apparently could remove the idea Bathmate Before After entertained by the Indians that the white men were divinities. male extra pills reviews In return for the shirts, linen, cloths, and other articles they had received, they offered feather ornaments, net the best male sexual enhancement pills over counter work bags, quivers made of deer skin, and various skins. The costume of these people